Company: My PowerPak

My PowerPak’s Mission—empowering ordinary people to provide extraordinary support for friends and loved ones in need by creating a more caring and connected world— was inspired by the amazing love, care, and support provided by 10 friends who rallied together to support our friend Jenn during her battle with breast cancer. The group’s collective goal was to ensure that Jenn’s journey would be a team effort, and that she would feel cocooned in love and support. In the spirit of camaraderie, the group dubbed themselves the PowerPak.

Made for Everyone
For people and families in need, nothing is more powerful than the love and support of those who rally to the fight when you need it most. Krista O’Malley created My PowerPak (MPP) to make real her belief that everyone should have access to this kind of experience. Founded as a B-Corp, Krista believes that MPP can benefit the greatest number of people and have a profound social impact building community and strengthening the bonds between people. For this reason My PowerPak is a free app. “We want to normalize asking for meaningful help, and to make it easier for their supporters,” Krista says. “Over 85% of our marketplace is intentionally filled with women-owned and minority-owned businesses, as we are focused on supporting businesses just like ours. We want to get this tool into the hands of everyone who needs it and want to also lift up others like us.” Krista’s vision of a free, holistic digital environment where all the different people in your life—high school, college, church, work, neighbors, sports etc.—can all rally together to provide support in one place, is a game changer in the caregiving space. Built with privacy in your control and core values of:
• SIMPLICITY—Giving and receiving support should be effortless
• OPTIMISM—We’re committed to focusing on what’s possible
• COMMUNITY—We believe people are stronger together
• COMPASSION—Love, support and care is what drives us
• TRUST—Our commitment to privacy is uncompromising
These values drive both MPP’s features and design. The app and website’s bright colors and positive imagery are distinctive, and the comprehensive collection of features allow users a truly simple and secure one-stop-shop for care and support.
Features include:
• Champion’s (the care receiver) profile
• A Journal for keeping your PowerPak informed and recording milestones
• A Calendar for scheduling events, care opportunities, activities and managing volunteers
• Chat, which allows the PowerPak to communicate within the app
• A Marketplace which automatically sends gifts without you having to know the address
• A Wishlist – think wedding registry but for caregiving, chosen by the Champion
• Fundraising directly within the app for medical needs or whatever challenges face you
• Discover – a curated collection of articles and resources focused on health, wellness and caregiving

As a woman and minority owned B-corp, My PowerPak is committed to bringing the brand vision of creating a more connected, caring and empowered world and we invite you to join us on this journey.