Diversity and Inclusion

Chair, Dr. Sheila Robinson, Publisher and CEO Diversity Woman Media

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women of color make up 39% of the nation’s female population and 20% of the entire U.S. population. According to the global non-profit research firm Catalyst, women of color will be the majority in the work place by 2060. It is therefore shocking that,
  • Less than 2% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women of color, none of whom are African American
  • Women of color make up 4% of the C-Suite (World Economic Forum)
  • The percentage of 2018 F500 board seats occupied by African American and Hispanic women respectively was 3% and 8%


  • Conduct an aggressive outreach campaign to promote a minimum of 25% women of color into leadership roles by 2025, and 25% of new appointments to C-Suites and Boards be women of color by 2025
  • Develop and publish a guide with proven methodologies for advancing women of color in business
  • Work with other WBC Groups to ensure action items for women of color are embedded in their Action Initiatives and report successes
  • Develop metrics and accountability for recognition of organizations that meet 25% goal
  • Provide resources to organizations that are seeking external partners and programs to help them accomplish goals
WBC asks:

Could 25% women of color serve on boards and in the C-Suite by 2030?