Strategic Communications and Media

WBC will be the leading source of information, data and resources showcasing the facts and causes that explain the slow growth of diverse women in the leadership ranks. We will shine a light on best practices, solutions and outcomes that are advancing the plight of women in leadership. WBC’s communications platform is composed of several elements including:

2020 WBC Digital Summit: WBC will host its Digital Summit October 1st, 2020 to review and measure the achievement of goals set at the 2019 summit, set new goals and celebrate the success of collaboration throughout the first year.

Website: Among other features, users will have access to a robust inventory of information and educational content about current events and how the acceleration of the advancement of women is progressing. It will include an automated feed on curated news that is relevant to WBC’s mission.

Social Media: With the hash-tag #WBCFasterTogether, WBC will build a strong presence on social media aimed at reaching discreet communities of constituents with highly relevant content.

WBC Annual Report: Using a scorecard approach, WBC will publish progress against goals and action forward.

Aggregated Calendar of Events: WBC has developed a calendar of major women business events and will support and attend many of them. This presents an opportunity for decision makers to visualize major forums and choose which ones to support.