Our Core Values


  • We create a transformational view of the future that motivates all to move faster together
  • We galvanize to accelerate the pace at which women are elevated to CEOs, into C-Suites, to boards, as successful entrepreneurs and in seeking sources of venture capital
  • We challenge organizations and institutions to move the numbers more quickly, and we salute their successes


  • We believe in leaders serving leaders, sharing the ownership of collective results
  • We work with one another with passion, enthusiasm, appreciation and mutual support
  • We know to our core that the work of the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts


  • We drive to the achievement of full gender parity in the workplace 
  • We fervently believe in the power of the full partnership of men and women leaders toward the optimization of business and organization performance
  • We celebrate venture capital leaders and their organizations that provide access to capital to diverse women entrepreneurs on the way to scaling their businesses
  • We salute enlightened men and women leaders who are forging the way to gender parity 


  • We insist on the acceleration of diverse female representation into C-Suites and boardrooms
  • We engage organizations to drive diversity and inclusion results
  • We recognize the greatness of initiatives that build leadership among women of color 


  • We honor the success of women — especially women of color — as high impact leaders
  • We shout when the numbers of diverse women as CEOs, and in the C-Suite and board move, and when diverse women entrepreneurs achieve breakthrough success
  • We applaud the accomplishments of individual female leaders and organizations who move the needle