Clay Doherty

A recognized expert in communications and global engagement strategies, Clay
Doherty combines his personal passion for creative ideation with a deeply rooted belief
in the power of dynamic connectivity. Bringing this unique perspective to clients, Clay
leans into points of commonality to create dynamic solutions and opportunities that
advance ideas into action — and action into results.
Prior to opening his own consultancy, High Touch Engagement, LLC, Clay served in the
Obama Administration at the United States Agency for International Development
(USAID). From leading the agency's public outreach and events to serving as the senior
protocol advisor to U.S. and foreign government leaders, Clay built bridges across
cultural divides, ensuring diverse groups of stakeholders could successfully come
together to achieve ambitious policy objectives and then effectively communicate the
A certified international expert in diplomatic protocol and corporate etiquette, Clay leads
professional development workshops for government agencies, corporations, private
foundations and civil society organizations, helping professionals learn how to
successfully engage on a global stage. An alumni of the U.S. Naval Academy and
graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, Clay has four graduate degrees including an
Executive Masters in International Business (Georgetown) and a Corporate MBA