Jennifer Bryant HS

Jennifer Bryant

Jen is Sr. Director of Associate Experience within Capital One Cyber, Chief of Staff. She leads associate experience, focusing on the continuous improvement of engagement, culture, and overall organizational effectiveness through enablement, inclusion, engagement, and people leadership. In this work, her goal is to mitigate business risk by elevating a culture that is engaged, inspired, united, and resilient while creating a workplace where Cyber associates feel welcome, supported, and appreciated.  Jen was recently selected as a national co-lead for Capital One’s empowher Business Resource Group where her continued leadership with the organization is dedicated to continue the advancement of women within and outside of the company. She also led Capital One’s Blacks in Tech (BIT) Rise Pillar to advance BIT careers by equipping, empowering, and elevating associates through initiatives including mentoring, professional development initiatives, and increasing patent filers and holders. She’s also a certified coach and an active member of Capital One’s Peer Coaching community.

Jen enjoys writing women’s empowerment books, spending time with her husband and blended family, supporting several community organizations and programs, and traveling to warm places with beautiful water and palm trees.