Karla Bousquet

Karla Bousquet has built a dynamic career in Marketing, Communications, and Human Resources for over 25 years. She has served on the WBC Advisory Board for the past three years and is honored to have been selected to join the Companies of Purpose Steering Committee.

As an executive leader on IBM’s Corporate Communications team, she provided strategic counsel and support to three IBM CEOs, designing flagship platforms and experiences as well as driving senior executive placements in external events and media. She was also responsible for the strategy and execution of IBM’s global recognition events.

Karla earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Law and Organization from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service. She completed the Landegger Honors Program in International Business Diplomacy at Georgetown and also served on the Governing Board of Officers. She has traveled extensively and speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. She is married and has two children.