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Kate Isler

Kate Isler is the Co-Founder of TheWMarketplace, an economic engine for women, as well as the Co-Founder of Be Bold Now, a non-profit focused on accelerating gender parity. With over 20 years of international executive leadership experience gained working for Fortune 100 companies, Kate’s journey of leadership, challenging the status quo, overcoming adversity, and breaking gender stereotypes motivates and inspires. Her experience in high tech as a CEO of a digital health startup and as an executive at Microsoft, where she spent many years living and working overseas, provides a powerful platform of real-world expertise and examples to draw from when addressing gender equity and balanced management practices. She shares her incredible story and insights in her memoir, Breaking Borders (HarperCollins Leadership), released in Spring 2021. A mother to three flown-the-coop children, she resides in Seattle, Washington, with her husband.