Rebecca Shambaugh - President

Rebecca Shambaugh

Rebecca Shambaugh is one of the country’s leading experts on  gender equity and inclusion. She is the President of SHAMBAUGH Leadership,  a global leadership development organization whose mission is to develop  high-performing and inclusive leaders who transform workplace cultures  to drive greater innovation and business results. She is respected for her  lifetime of groundbreaking research and thought leadership for developing and  advancing women leaders and executives, creating equitable cultures where  everyone can thrive.

Rebecca is also the Founder of Women in Leadership and Learning, one of the  first executive leadership development programs in the country dedicated to  the research, advancement, and retention of women leaders and executives.  Combining 20+ years in corporate America, from front line operations to the  corporate headquarters, she connects with each person through her masterful  storytelling and the ability to bring to life important lessons, mindsets, and  behaviors that are essential for empowering leaders to step into their unique  talents and to thrive in existing roles and beyond.