Dr. Emily Marine Leproust Ph.D. - Twist Bioscience

Dr. Emily Marine Leproust Ph.D.

Twist Bioscience

As an early pioneer in the high-throughput synthesis and sequencing of DNA, Dr. Emily Leproust is disrupting the process of gene synthesis to enable the exponential growth of synthetic biology applications in multiple fields including medicine, DNA data storage, agricultural biology, and industrial chemicals. Prior to co-founding Twist Bioscience, she held escalating positions at Agilent Technologies where she architected the successful SureSelect product line that lowered the cost of sequencing and elucidated mechanisms responsible for dozens of Mendelian diseases. She also developed the Oligo Library Synthesis technology, where she initiated and led product and business development activities for the team. Dr. Leproust has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers—many on applications of synthetic DNA, and is the author of numerous patents.

Year appointed: 2013