Irina Novoselsky - CareerBuilder

Irina Novoselsky


By age 33, Irina Novoselsky was named CareerBuilder, LLC first female CEO. Her graduate degree from NYU’s Stern School of Business facilitates her creative and strategic thinking skills, expanding CareerBuilder’s database maintaining its reputation as the most trusted online job portal. As a tech innovator, Novoselsky is dedicating her time towards optimizing the way that employers find qualified candidates through advancement in AR, AI, and partnering with Capella Learning Services on a new initiative called RightSkill. Novoselsky’s mission is to close the widening skill gap of job seekers as technology continues to replace the human element. Novoselsky has a strong understanding that all employees have unique skill sets, backgrounds, and personal driving forces to achieve success, so she sees training and retraining as an opportunity to expand diversity within the company and shed light on new perspectives from individuals with contrasting life experiences.

Year appointed: 2018