Julie Schertell - Neenah

Julie Schertell


Julie Schertell has a remarkable track record in executing global strategies across many sectors. Her success is driven by her passion for remarkable customer experience and value creation. Schertell began her career at Neenah as the VP and General Manager of Fine Paper and Packaging; over a twelve- year period, she worked her way up the company ladder. Currently, Schertell’s roles at Neenah, Inc. consist of CEO, COO, SVP, and Director. Prior to coming to Neenah, Schertell worked at Georgia- Pacific Corporation, where she held leadership positions as Vice President in Finance, Supply Chain, and Sales and Marketing. She is a proven leader, has the support of Neenah’s board of directors behind her, and is confident in her ability to drive growth for the company.

Year appointed: 2020