Kathleen Mazzarella - Graybar

Kathleen Mazzarella


Kathleen Mazzarella is Chairman, President and CEO of Graybar, the leading distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products. In 1980, Mazzarella began her journey at Graybar in customer service, and through hard work and dedication, proved her value and earned her spot as an executive in corporate. As someone who worked tirelessly under all divisions at Graybar including strategic accounts, human resources, strategic planning, sales, and marketing, Mazzarella couldn’t have been more prepared or qualified to begin the role of CEO in 2012. In addition, she contributes to the community through her efforts on the board of many reputable institutions. Furthermore, Mazzarella founded WINGS, Women Influencing Graybar’s Success. As a mentor, she felt it was essential to form a group where female employees and executives could network, share their stories, and support the success of women in business.

Year appointed: 2012