Kathleen Shanahan - Turtle & Hughes

Kathleen Shanahan

Turtle & Hughes

Deemed as extremely experienced and exceptionally qualified, Turtle & Hughes Inc. CEO, Kathleen Shanahan, comes from an extraordinary background of various leadership experiences in business, public policy, and government. Shanahan is key in directing the company forward resourcefully and successfully so it can continue to see opportunities of growth and investment. Shanahan presumes a successful company can tackle any challenge if their teams are goal- focused, collective, hard-working, and respectful of both each other and the customer. Shanahan began at Turtle & Hughes as a member of the board of directors working her way to be named Executive Vice President of National Accounts. Before working for Turtle & Hughes, Shanahan served as CEO and Chairman of Ground Works Solutions and WRSCompass. Besides her extinguished business career, Shanahan had a long and distinguished career in politics and public service.

Year appointed: 2018