Katrina Lake - Stitch Fix

Katrina Lake

Stitch Fix

Founder and CEO Katrina Lake, of the online styling company Stitch Fix, helps women attain style confidence. With her knowledge of technology and fashion she looked to create the future of retail by fusing fashion with data to form a client-focused shopping experience with fashion stylists at the touch of a button. Lake looks to make her company the epitome of human-filtered precision with over 3,300 stylists and 600 clothing brands to create astounding looks for women to feel amazing in. Launched in 2011, Stitch Fix has since gone public and seen significant growth in both their customers and revenue. To Lake, her role as CEO goes far beyond boosting their net earnings as she has a strong focus on the company’s culture ensuring all who work for Stitch Fix feel as good as their customers.

Year appointed: 2011