Linda Burtwistle - Coach USA and Megabus

Linda Burtwistle

Coach USA and Megabus

Linda Burtwistle is CEO of Coach USA and Megabus, two of the biggest names in the bus industry. She began her career in finance at Stagecoach in London, which acquired Coach USA, then relocating to Texas as CFO. Seven years and two countries later Burtwistle was back working under First Group in America. In 2015, Burtwistle rejoined Coach USA as President and COO before taking over as CEO. Throughout her career Burtwistle has instilled a sense of fearlessness among her employees. At Coach USA and Megabus, she believes in creating strong teams who come together to be innovative and discover the best solutions. Burtwistle’s top concerns are safety and providing the best technology to ensure customer happiness, an easy experience, and all the information they need.

Year appointed: 2019