Mary Dillon - Ulta Beauty

Mary Dillon

Ulta Beauty

Anything is possible with Mary Dillon as Chief Executive Officer of top performing cosmetics retailer and money- making machine Ulta Beauty. Managing over 45,000 employees, 92% of whom are women, inspired the foundation of Dillon’s nonprofit, the Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation, which has donated more than $14 million to women and their families. Ulta serves as a one-stop-shop supplying shoppers with products from all categories of the beauty industry, making Ulta the number one destination for Gen Z clientele. Passionate about studying consumer behavior, Dillon understands the importance of keeping her team prepared, nimble, and innovative to keep up with rapidly changing trends in the industry. Prior to joining Ulta Beauty, she was President, CEO, and Director of U.S. Cellular, global Chief Marketing Officer and Executive VP for McDonald’s Corporation, and held numerous titles at PepsiCo. Dillon also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Starbucks Corporation and KKR & Co.

Year appointed: 2013