Phebe N. Novakovic - General Dynamics

Phebe N. Novakovic

General Dynamics

Providing hands-on development of General Dynamics’ programs and divisions CEO, Phebe N. Novakovic’s, main priority is to defend our nation’s national security interests. Under Novakovic’s guidance General Dynamic has grown through securing multiple contracts and researching every way they can enhance national security. Prior to her advancement as CEO of General Dynamics Novakovic has had an extensive career in the defense of our nation as General Dynamics’ executive vice president for the Marine Systems group, senior vice president of Planning and Development, and vice president of Strategic Planning. Before General Dynamics, Novakovic served as the Special Assistant to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, worked for the Office of Management and Budget, served as an operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, and began as an analyst for the McLean Research Center. Novakovic is committed to developing General Dynamics and defending U.S. national security.

Year appointed: 2013