Sherry S. Bahrambeygui-Hosey - PriceSmart

Sherry S. Bahrambeygui-Hosey


Sherry Bahrambeygui is well versed in the roles and expectations of being in the C-Suite; she previously served as CEO of Real Estate Investment Company for PS Ivanhoe, LLC for over eight years. Bahrambeygui has a thorough understanding of business, operations, and financials from her impressive background beginning as a licensed stockbroker and a partner in multiple law firms, including a founding partner of the law firm of Hosey & Bahrambeygui, LLP. Her area of expertise in international business, employment, and compensation gives her an edge in the C-Suite and an invaluable asset for the company. As acting CEO, Bahrambeygui is committed to staying ahead of future threats and protecting the employees of PriceSmart, Inc.

Year appointed: 2019