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Headshot Catherine Gray

Catherine Gray, Founder, SheAngel Investors and Producer, Show Her the Money Film

I’m Catherine Gray – a Producer, Author, TEDx Speaker,  Host of www.InvestInHerPodcast.com, the Founder of www.SheAngelInvestors.com and the Co-Founder of non profit www.SheAngelsFoundation.org.

Also, I am an angel investor in several companies, a member of Wealthing VC Investment Club, and an equity crowdfunding investor too.

She Angel Investors is a multimedia platform designed to connect women in for profit and in the non profit arena- to funding. And to encourage women to become angel investors. We do this through our podcast, films, book, e-course education and events. 

My focus is always on empowering female entrepreneurs. My passion is to utilize our multimedia platform to fund women, so as to level the playing field, since women are severely underfunded- getting less that 2% of venture capital funding.

Currently, my focus is on the film I just produced – the Show Her The Money documentary about raising awareness of the underfunding of women, and the solutions on the horizon to change this. We will be taking the film on a 50 city nationwide tour of screenings.

And check out my Ted Talk – Fund Women Save the World here!


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