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Daniella Kranjac, Founding Partner, Dynamk Capital

Daniella Kranjac, Founding Partner & Managing Director at Dynamk Capital, has been driving innovation in Life Science Industrials – the tools, technologies and services that enable the discovery, development, and production of life-saving therapies for over twenty years.

As entrepreneur, corporate executive, advisor and investor, Daniella has continuously played the role of a central networking hub in this ecosystem.  She began her career as a Co-Founder of Wave Biotech where she drove the growth of a disruptive technology, later exiting to GE Healthcare in 2007.  At GE, Daniella held several strategic, business development, M&A and commercial leadership roles, building a several hundred-million-dollar Enterprise Solutions business.

Daniella has successfully launched the first venture fund specific to Life Science Industrials and now serves on the boards of Envisagenics, RoosterBio, Virica Biotech and Xcell Biosciences, previously serving on the boards of FloDesign Sonics and Stevens Institute of Technology, where she was a Trustee.