Women in The Boardroom

Chair, Ana Dutra, CEO Mandala Global Associates

  • The average number of corporate board seats held by women in the 2018 Russell 3000 Index barely rose in 2018, from 16.0% in 2017 to 17.7% (2020 Women on Boards 2018 Gender Diversity Index)
  • One-half of the companies in the Index have one or no women on their boards (2020 Women on Boards 2018 Gender Diversity Index)
  • The percentage of 2018 F500 board seats occupied by African American women was 3%; Asian/Pacific Islanders, 1.9% and Hispanic women, 8% (Catalyst 2018 Board Diversity Census of Women)


  • Dissemination of membership criteria for the WBC member organizations whose mission is dedicated to the advancement of women on boards
  • Spearheaded by theBoardlist, the creation of a robust database of existing and prospective female board members that can be searched by diverse sub-segments, e.g., African-American, Latinas, Asian, LGBTQ
  • Compilation of resources and available training for first time directors
  • Sharing and dissemination of any public advocacy aimed at accelerating advancement of women on boards
WBC asks:

Could women and women of color hold 35% and 10% respectively of the Russell 3000 board seats by 2025?