Women Business Collaborative

The Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is an unprecedented alliance of women’s business organizations, corporations, trade associations, researchers and the media accelerating 1) The advancement of diverse female representation in C-Suites and boardrooms 2) The achievement of gender diversity and parity in the workplace and 3) The growth of women-owned businesses and their access to sources of capital. WBC is an “accelerator” organization dedicated to building a movement to rapidly change the numbers.

What We Do To Advance Our Agenda For Change

CONNECT: We share like-minded organizations’ best practices, strategies and results to drive the advancement of female leaders in business and to achieve gender and diversity parity along the way
COLLABORATE: We engage and convene organizations to achieve accelerated results
AGGREGATE: We leverage resources and build unity
COMMUNICATE: We use every vehicle possible to spread information and results
CELEBRATE: We tell the stories and share actions and outcomes


Despite the work of the many pioneering organizations dedicated to advancing gender and diversity in C-Suites and boardrooms, it has been estimated that at the current rate of growth, it will take decades to achieve. Women Business Collaborative was therefore created to take action together; inform, educate, advocate for and celebrate the full partnership of diverse men and women leaders. We leverage one another’s strategic priorities and core competencies to drive the numbers up.

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Action Initiatives

Nine permanent working groups have been created and are represented by more than 27 of WBC’s founding partners. They are collaboratively developing accelerator goals and strategies. WBC will execute the plans, track progress and report results.