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Results Dashboard: WBC Benchmark Survey on Gender Equity in the Staffing Industry

The WBC Staffing Council presents the Staffing Industry Results Dashboard, a comprehensive synthesis of data outlining the state of gender diversity across the workforce, executive ranks, and board of directors from a total of 583 staffing companies. Industry advocates like ...
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Fundamentals of Capital

Women cannot succeed at accessing capital until they understand the rules of the game. Babson College's Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership has developed this set of webinars in conjunction with WBC and Wells Fargo, to provide an educational resource that will expose women in ...
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December 2022 Women Joining Public Boards Data Now Available

The WBC in partnership with Equilar releases a monthly report, newsletter, and publishes the data on a website detailing women's statuses in the boardroom. This report lists and tracks women who have been named to the boards of public companies monthly ...
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The Importance of Women in Data Science and Analytics

Technology teams with strong gender and racial diversity, while advancing equality and economic opportunity, ensure businesses develop products and services that reflect the needs of the customers and communities they serve ...
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Every Company is a Tech Company Now

Whatever your size or type of business, if your security isn’t good enough, you risk compromising your customers and vendors ...
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Women’s Impact on Technology

Women have made an extraordinary impact on technology. Unfortunately, many of their contributions and inventions were not attributed during their lifetimes ...
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The Time is Now for Tech-Savvy Leadership in the C-Suite and Beyond

Having a tech-savvy board and a tech-savvy C-Suite, helps to facilitate a common language and drives engagement and improved company performance ...

Collaboration Report – September 2022 Update

The Collaboration Report, released during our 4th Annual Action for Impact Summit, outlines the progress the WBC has made since March 2022 against the targets and goals set across each of our key Nine Action Initiatives – the areas where ...
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Women & The C-Suite: Pathways to Success

A first-hand look at how executives made it to the C-Suites of AT&T, Blue Apron, Edward Jones, LabCorp, Panasonic, Prudential Financial, and other leading corporations ...
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2022 Gender Equity Benchmark Survey

The staffing and recruiting industry can play a unique role in the evolution of gender equity position, and power in the communities we serve. Weekly, we connect close to 3 million temporary and contract employees with employment opportunities that can ...