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Cybersecurity Leadership

Women cybersecurity leaders are needed and their inclusion and expertise can reap huge benefits. As has been proven across the business landscape, a more diverse talent pool provides varied and creative thinking; skill sets are especially needed to stay ahead ...
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March 2023 Women Joining Public Boards Data Now Available

The WBC in partnership with Equilar releases a monthly report, newsletter, and publishes the data on a website detailing women's statuses in the boardroom. This report lists and tracks women who have been named to the boards of public companies monthly ...
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Intersectional Allyship: How Women Can Be Better Allies of Other Women

Allyship is a critical success factor for women to achieve equal position, pay and power. Many women in today’s workforce experience feeling overworked, overlooked, or undervalued. Developing the leadership skill of intersectional allyship raises our awareness and action to contribute ...
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Clarity: An Often-Ignored Path to DEI

Over the past month or so, I have had the opportunity to participate in two outstanding programs on strategies and techniques for helping women advance their careers. One was sponsored by WBC and one by my organization, WOMEN Unlimited. Great ...

Collaboration Report – March 2023 Update

The Collaboration Report released on March 2023 and it outlines the progress the WBC has made since September 2022 against the targets and goals set across each of our key Nine Action Initiatives – the areas where we think we ...
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Leading the Way

We at WBC are striving to change the corporate landscape by being in the forefront of every major issue that impacts equity and parity for women in business.  ...
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The Outlook for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

We at Women Business Collaborative (WBC) are committed to growing the number of businesses started and run by women of color. Key to our efforts is the Women Entrepreneurs and Access to Capital Group which is laser focused on increasing ...
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Report: Women’s Representation in Staffing Leadership Grew in 2022

Alexandria, VA, Feb. 15, 2023— The percentage of women who serve as chief executive officers and owners in the staffing industry showed moderate improvement 2020 to 2022 despite setbacks that occurred during the COVID pandemic, according to a new survey ...
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Newly Released Research Points to Promising Signs for Women of Color

I am happy to report that with this blog, Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is reinstating our practice of regularly posting blogs. The blogs will offer facts, figures, and findings as well as opinions on progress and problems related to diversity, ...
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Results Dashboard: WBC Benchmark Survey on Gender Equity in the Staffing Industry

The WBC Staffing Council presents the Staffing Industry Results Dashboard, a comprehensive synthesis of data outlining the state of gender diversity across the workforce, executive ranks, and board of directors from a total of 583 staffing companies. Industry advocates like ...