In the 2021 report, we share the facts and tell the stories. The data here tells a story of positive change and yet also highlights the imperative that more women of color join the ranks. More

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Anna Mok

Anna Mok
President & Chair,
Ascend & Ascend Foundation

“The economic, workplace and societal contributions of women have gone unnoticed and under-rewarded for far too long. The research and data show that when women lead, they not only uplift themselves but their communities. It is not about a lack of qualifications and aspirations but about access and opportunity. It’s now time to act on what we know, and for companies to hold themselves accountable for elevating women into leadership positions. In this process, companies must make sure to take note of the women of color who have had to overcome double-glass ceiling barriers to lead.”


Of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women


Of Fortune 500 CEOs are Women of Color
Companies with


Women execs more likely to outperform other companies
2025 target:


of Fortune 500 and S&P 500 CEO roles are Women
“86% of women reported becoming encouraged to achieve more professionally when they saw other women in leadership.”

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“The time is now for Gender CEO Leadership; this annual report is significant. WBC thanks Ascend, C200 and Catalyst and major resources such as Equilar for the data, stories and partnership. More women are being appointed CEO and transitioning to the top job, but we envision more appointments and a call for action on more women and women of color CEOs ahead. We are optimistic that the tide is turning for women CEOs as has been the sea change in women and women of color joining public boards. Together we will witness and report on the appointments as women in the pipeline progress from Executive Suite to CEO.”
Edie Frasier

Edie Fraser
CEO, Women Business