Nicole Cober

Nic Cober, Esquire is the Principal Managing Partner of Cober Johnson & Romney, an award-winning legal & business consulting firm. She is an executive coach & business strategist who specializes in developing management, legal, & branding strategies for leaders in the business world. Nic is the Founder of The BOW Collective, a professional organization and nonprofit of black women owners dedicated to bringing financial opportunities to scale businesses that exceed 1M annual revenues. She is a presidential appointee to the National Women’s Business Council, a bipartisan council that advises the White House, Congress, & the SBA on matters concerning women in business. Her podcast, CEOs & Soul Talk, was produced at the National Press Club with esteemed guests such as WPO’s Founder Marsha Firestone, NWBC Chair Liz Sara, Betty Hines & SBA Associate Administrator Allen Gutierrez. Cober’s book, CEO of My Soul, was published in 2016 & blends valuable business advice with true accounts of relationships struggles, family triumphs, & self-refection. No matter the platform, Cober is regarded as an expert on business matters & personal success strategy