Sheri Headshot Blue 2023

Sheri Orlowitz

The cannabis industry is on the verge of explosive growth, but faces challenges  unlike any other in recent corporate history. Its products have been illegal for  more than eight decades and its transition to legitimacy will demand expertise in  marketing, venture capitalism, quality control, satisfying concerns of regulators  while meeting pent-up demand from consumers and Wall Street. 

 Into this new world Sheri L. Orlowitz’s 30-plus-year experience as an  entrepreneur, venture capitalist, turn-around expert, board director, corporate  leader, attorney and former federal prosecutor make her uniquely qualified not  only to lead companies in the cannabis industry, but to advise regulators and  provide strategic investment advice. Few can match her track record of success. 

 As the founder of Artemis Holdings Group LLC, and the Council for Federal  Cannabis Regulation (“CFCR”) Sheri has assembled a team of creative  professionals with decades of experience dealing with all stages of the life-cycle  of industry and exceptional values. Sheri develops the strategy behind Artemis’  private investment fund, using her worldwide network of banks, funds,  government officials and CEOs to identify opportunities and ensure they are on  the cutting edge of innovation. Those same connections together with some of  the best scientific, regulatory, business and policy minds in the country have  helped her to create and build out CFCR, the only organization focused on  providing expertise to the federal agencies to regulate cannabis and dispel the  stigmatization around cannabis through education and data.