Anita Zucker - Intertech Group

Anita Zucker

Intertech Group

Serving as an example and role model are ways InterTech Group’s CEO, Anita Zucker, runs the private, family-owned holding company. Founded in 1982 by Zucker’s late husband, Jerry Zucker, who sadly passed away in 2008, left her with a growing company and the values of honesty, respect, and fairness. Zucker believes InterTech being family-owned makes it special, because it is run by a committed family and employees whose business performance is all about collaboration and working together with care. Making this key change has led InterTech to be successful beyond the Zucker’s wildest dreams. Zucker constantly asks herself if her actions are increasing company revenues and reducing costs by looking at ways to be more productive through better application of methods and technologies, innovation, and exceptional customer service. Zucker feels lucky since she loves her job and running InterTech never feels like work.

Year appointed: 2008