Allyship is a critical success factor for women to achieve equal position, pay and power. Many women in today’s workforce experience feeling overworked, overlooked, or undervalued. Developing the leadership skill of intersectional allyship raises our awareness and action to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable culture where all women can thrive.

Over the past month or so, I have had the opportunity to participate in two outstanding programs on strategies and techniques for helping women advance their careers. One was sponsored by WBC and one by my organization, WOMEN Unlimited.

Great ideas came out of each of these programs. As I look back, I see a thread that underlies many of the panelists’ thoughts and suggestions. It goes to something often missing for both the women themselves and their organizations. CLARITY. Clarity of purpose. Clarity of expectations. Clarity of support. Clarity of action steps.

We at WBC are striving to change the corporate landscape by being in the forefront of every major issue that impacts equity and parity for women in business. 

I am happy to report that with this blog, Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is reinstating our practice of regularly posting blogs. The blogs will offer facts, figures, and findings as well as opinions on progress and problems related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. To provide a cross-section of viewpoints, we will frequently invite WBC champions …

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By Stefanie Boles, Chief Administrative Officer, NPower If we have learned anything from the events of the past two years–from the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, racial tensions, and the ‘great resignation’—it’s that we cannot sit back and wait for change to happen over time. There is an urgency in the air to live in …

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