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The WBC Staffing Council presents the Staffing Industry Results Dashboard, a comprehensive synthesis of data outlining the state of gender diversity across the workforce, executive ranks, and board of directors from a total of 583 staffing companies. Industry advocates like The American Staffing Association, Staffing Industry Analysis, and TechServe Alliance were key in gathering these results and are accompanied by data from the U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Women cannot succeed at accessing capital until they understand the rules of the game. Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership has developed this set of webinars in conjunction with WBC and Wells Fargo, to provide an educational resource that will expose women in both an academic and practical setting to capital structure, uses and types of capital, capital …

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Women Business Collaborative (WBC) has established itself as the leading collaborative and high-growth movement committed to achieving equal position, pay and power for all women in business. Founded in 2019, the nonprofit alliance of business organizations and leaders has grown to include more than 60+ women’s organizations, 40 corporate sponsors and 400+ Council Champions

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Women Business Collaborative (WBC) with Ascend, C200 and Catalyst, has released the second annual report highlighting Women CEOs in America: Changing the Face of Business Leadership.  The report, which draws on data and includes the most comprehensive breakdown of women in corporate leadership in the US, was released on October 13th via a live roundtable discussion.