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Clarity: An Often-Ignored Path to DEI

Over the past month or so, I have had the opportunity to participate in two outstanding programs on strategies and techniques for helping women advance their careers. One was sponsored by WBC and one by my organization, WOMEN Unlimited. Great ...
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Leading the Way

We at WBC are striving to change the corporate landscape by being in the forefront of every major issue that impacts equity and parity for women in business.  ...
Gwen Young

The Outlook for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

We at Women Business Collaborative (WBC) are committed to growing the number of businesses started and run by women of color. Key to our efforts is the Women Entrepreneurs and Access to Capital Group which is laser focused on increasing ...
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Newly Released Research Points to Promising Signs for Women of Color

I am happy to report that with this blog, Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is reinstating our practice of regularly posting blogs. The blogs will offer facts, figures, and findings as well as opinions on progress and problems related to diversity, ...
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The Leap to Your Genius – Leaders and Overachievers: This Is for You!

The biggest investment you can make in your life is choosing to live your purpose, growing in creativity, and fulfilling the desire of your soul, resulting in abundance in all areas of your life ...
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Moving the Needle on Equal Pay

By Marie Konstance Progress on pay parity has proved elusive. The pay gap between women and men is 82 cents on the dollar in the U.S. and has been in the 80-83 cent range for the last 16 years. The ...
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A Renewed Commitment to Diversity: Actions Drive Change

By Stefanie Boles, Chief Administrative Officer, NPower If we have learned anything from the events of the past two years--from the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, racial tensions, and the ‘great resignation’—it’s that we cannot sit back and wait for ...
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Allyship is Required to Advance All Women in Business

In this blog, Brittany Cole - on behalf of the WBC Ally of Her team - details what it means to be an ally in the women's business movement ...
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Women Joining Public Boards in 2021: Insights and Next Steps

WBC Board Member and Global Board Director, Ana Dutra, shares insights on the status of women in the boardroom in 2021 and beyond ...
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Diversity 3.0: How to Approach “Equity” in Your DEI Strategy

DEI Expert and Head of DEI at Blackrock, Michelle Gadsden-Williams, discusses the importance of "Equity" within DEI, an often overlooked and misunderstood element of making workplaces more adaptable for women and women of color ...