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WBC Launches Resources for Parity: Trusted Resources to Help You and Your Organization Reach Gender Parity #FasterTogether

The Resources for Parity Guide compiles resources from 5+ organizations on diversity training, executive leadership development, mentorship, and more! ...
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Leaders That Care: Women, Leadership Pay Parity and Caregiving

Mim Senft GBA AAI CWWS talks about the obstacles for women in obtaining leadership roles and gender pay parity ...
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Resources For Parity Guide

Whether your goal is to promote women into the C-Suite, a woman as your company’s next CEO, to diversify your board of directors, or to help women into their first leadership job – your goals cannot be achieved if you ...
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YOU Need a Mentor; Here’s How To Find One

Career growth strategist of Getting to Clarity, LLC, Debbie Peterson discusses the importance of mentorship, what a mentor is, and how to find one to advance your business and/or career ...
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Women in the Workforce: Overcoming the 1st Female Recession

Healthcare leader and board of directors member of Reliant Bank, Connie McGee, reflects on the impact COVID has had on women in the workforce and how our movement can collaborate to overcome the first "female recession." ...
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Issue Brief: Pipeline Promotion

WBC provides an issue brief on the importance of pipeline promotion: developing mentors, sponsors, and networks as a crucial strategy for women at all career stages, despite women being less likely to receive the mentorship and sponsorship necessary to propel ...