Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Senior Executive Director & Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Dr. Andrea Hendricks leads Cerner’s global diversity, community and philanthropy efforts in over 26 countries. Hear her story in the DE&I community and the true benefits of embracing intersectionality in corporate spaces.

President and CEO at Information Technology Senior Management Forum and WBC Board member, Viola Maxwell-Thompson analyzes the gender imbalance in the technology industry, with a further imbalance of women in color in the technology industry, and how we can facilitate progress and momentum to remedy the gaps.


This special report from the Global Leadership Forecast series examines responses from 2,102 human resource executives and 15,787 leaders around the world to answer key questions to guide diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts.

For example,

How do leaders feel about the state of diversity and inclusion at their organizations?

Which industries are leading the way in diversity and inclusion?

What are the best practices at organizations with a more diverse pipeline?

Organizations can benefit from this research to improve D&I at their workplaces.

Edie Fraser and WBC Board Member Robert Reiss talk about the importance of Diversity for today's CEOs in Robert's latest Forbes article. Read an excerpt below.

As I speak with CEOs every day, so many are truly pained and deeply want racial harmony. In considering the state of diversity today, I thought it would make sense to talk with one leader who has a history of building true movements: Edie Fraser, CEO, Women Business Collaborative. Edie has already built Million Women Mentors (MWM) with 2.5 million commitments.

Robert Reiss: Talk about diversity today.

Edie Fraser: Robert,  Diversity is a number one issue for the private sector, right up there with return on investments and CEO Leadership.  This moment is singular and provides an opportunity to create sustainable change. The time is NOW! Platitudes are no longer acceptable. Talent is key and so, too, are investments in diverse suppliers and our communities. I was engaged in the civil rights movement early and  have spent my career working to accelerate the position of women and minorities in business. It has been nearly only 17 months since we founded Women Business Collaborative (WBC) together as a non-profit, focusing on increasing parity and power and with it 25% advancement of diversity changes in every action initiative taken. The private sector’s awareness of the disparities in corporate America have only heightened in 2020. It is business that is showing courage to take action, and the private sector must ACT NOW!

Focus on the importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) on our economy and our national wellbeing. COVID-19 and the recession combined with tensions over the continued racism in America have created an unprecedented economic and human crises and highlighted inequities further fueling unrest. In corporate America, our CEOs and Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) and CHROs are crucial to successfully navigating the current social challenges along with the others in the Executive Suite. Bottom up and top down, all  must work together to change what has been the status quo. We want results.

Read the full article on Forbes here.


Press Release: Two New WBC Board Member Appointments – Felicity Hassan and Sharon Reynolds

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2020 — Women Business Collaborative (WBC) added Felicity Hassan and Sharon Reynolds, two champions for action and change, to its Board of Directors. Hassan and Reynolds, seasoned executives with a history of working toward diversity and inclusion, will help advance WBC's mission to accelerate business women and ensure commitments to diversify corporate leadership and support for entrepreneurs and capital. 

"As businesses and Americans face the global pandemic, a recession and calls to address racial injustices, WBC has added two powerhouse women to help further our accelerator goals," said Edie Fraser, CEO of WBC. "Felicity's experience in diverse executive recruiting combined with Sharon's leadership and entrepreneurial experience will allow WBC, and its partners, to ensure our corporate leadership looks a lot more like our American consumers."  WBC recognized Reynolds and Hassan Leadership as they are vice chairs of WBC's Advisory Council.

In 2007, Reynolds founded DevMar Products focusing on distributing environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and office products, later expanding to create DevMar Manufacturing and DevMar Global Healthcare Solutions, LLC. Reynolds has been recognized throughout her career as an innovator and leader, most recently receiving the 100 Black Men/Women President's Organization Women of Color Achievement Award. The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) selected Sharon as the 2019 WBE Star. Reynolds serves on multiple boards including Second Harvest Food Bank, Ni-Q, LLC, Portland, Oregon, and the Women's Business Enterprise Council South in New Orleans.

Hassan, Managing Director of Audeliss, an executive search firm, has more than 12 years' experience with executive recruiting for the some of the largest U.S. brands, including Audible and Bloomberg. Her focus and passion is working with clients who are truly committed to creating a diverse workforce and building a culture of diversity and inclusion at the highest corporate echelons. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Hassan serves on the CEO Council for Nicsa's Diversity Project and Co-Chairs their Talent initiative. Felicity is also a member of Luminary NYC. 

With the addition of Hassan and Reynolds, the WBC board now consists of 15 members, including: Paula Bennett,  Lynne Born, Lin Coughlin, Ana Dutra, Edie Fraser, Balaji Ganapathy, Lisa R. Jacobs, Alexandra Jung, Michael Norris, Melissa Peak, Robert Reiss, Viola Thompson, and  Leigh Wasson.

Read the original release here.

Felicity Hassan and Sharon Reynolds add deep expertise in business and entrepreneurial development as WBC continues to accelerate for parity and diversity