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Women Joining Public Boards in 2021: Insights and Next Steps

WBC Board Member and Global Board Director, Ana Dutra, shares insights on the status of women in the boardroom in 2021 and beyond ...
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Diversity 3.0: How to Approach “Equity” in Your DEI Strategy

DEI Expert and Head of DEI at Blackrock, Michelle Gadsden-Williams, discusses the importance of "Equity" within DEI, an often overlooked and misunderstood element of making workplaces more adaptable for women and women of color ...
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WBC Launches Resources for Parity: Trusted Resources to Help You and Your Organization Reach Gender Parity #FasterTogether

The Resources for Parity Guide compiles resources from 5+ organizations on diversity training, executive leadership development, mentorship, and more! ...
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Who’s Refusing To Be Held Back? African American Women, Becoming CEOs And Changing The Game

You can meet Thasunda at the WBC Summit on September 21 at 3:15pm when she is interviewed by Richelle Parham for the segment "Diverse Voices: A conversation with Trailblazer: Thasunda Brown Duckett."  May I introduce Thasunda Brown Duckett, President and CEO TIAA: As I ...
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Leaders That Care: Women, Leadership Pay Parity and Caregiving

Mim Senft GBA AAI CWWS talks about the obstacles for women in obtaining leadership roles and gender pay parity ...
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Corporate Spaces – Why Intersectionality Matters

Senior Executive Director & Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Dr. Andrea Hendricks leads Cerner’s global diversity, community and philanthropy efforts in over 26 countries. Hear her story in the DE&I community and the true benefits of embracing intersectionality in ...
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Refocus, Re-energize and Reset: An Executive’s Journey

Hear from C. Fara Francis, a Senior Technology Executive, about a life changing Caribbean retreat and the importance of self care and reflection ...
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Highlighting Women Led Businesses: Insights on the Pandemic and Management from DC’s iRicchi

Christianne Ricchi, the Executive Chef of Ristorante i Ricchi, Washington D.C., gives insight on challenges women-owned restaurants have faced during the COVID19 pandemic ...
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YOU Need a Mentor; Here’s How To Find One

Career growth strategist of Getting to Clarity, LLC, Debbie Peterson discusses the importance of mentorship, what a mentor is, and how to find one to advance your business and/or career ...
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Women in the Workforce: Overcoming the 1st Female Recession

Healthcare leader and board of directors member of Reliant Bank, Connie McGee, reflects on the impact COVID has had on women in the workforce and how our movement can collaborate to overcome the first "female recession." ...