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Collaboration Report Update: March 2021

The Women Business Collaborative published its bi-annual Collaboration Report, detailing the ongoing progress towards the Nine Action Initiatives and their Accelerator Goals ...
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Walk the Walk: A Call to Businesses for Concrete Action on Equal Pay

Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates, Noreen Farrell, issues a call to action to businesses on Equal Pay Day 2021 to close the wage gap and reach pay parity ...
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Women’s History Month – Is It Time for a Rebrand?

WBC Advisory Council Champion and previous Chief Marketing Officer of State Street, Hannah Grove, envisions a rebrand for Women's History Month as we work towards parity in our movement ...
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WBC Nashville Celebrates Black History Month

The WBC Nashville chapter gathers a powerful group of women of color leaders, change-makers, and movement creators in honor of Black History Month ...
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Black History Month Highlight: Black Women in the Technology Workplace – Why Supportive Systems and Equal Pay Matter

President and CEO at Information Technology Senior Management Forum and WBC Board member, Viola Maxwell-Thompson analyzes the gender imbalance in the technology industry, with a further imbalance of women in color in the technology industry, and how we can facilitate ...
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Action Initiative Highlight- Revisiting Women CEOs and Executive Leadership in 2021

Kimber Maderazzo, current WBC Advisory Council Champion and Chair of C200 revisits the progress women have made in advancing towards the C-Suite and into CEO leadership ...
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Gains in Gender and Diverse Leadership – Embracing 2021

WBC leadership reflects on the collaborative strides and accomplishments made in our movement in 2020, and the work that needs to be done entering 2021 and beyond.   ...
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Thriving in COVID: Joyful Giving is Good for Your Health

Patricia Glaser Shea, Co-Founder & CEO, Givful and Co-Chair, Advisory Council, WBC emphasizes the importance of giving in the holiday season.  ...
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Diversity on Boards

Global board director and WBC Board Member Ana Dutra discusses female representation on boards and board parity on Thanksgiving, 2020 ...
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P&L Responsibility: Why Women Don’t Get to the C-Suite

WBC recognizes and analyzes the importance of P&L responsibility in advancing women into the C-Suite ...